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SOLARGRAPHIC prints are created using data from the sun, collected from a satellite one hour away from earth. This data, known as the solar wind, gives an indication of solar activity through the speed of particles released from our sun as they travel towards our planet. These particles react with the earth's magnetic field, energising our atmosphere which can sometimes be observed through the beautiful aurora borealis or northern lights.


Each print represents one day of the sun's activity. Starting at midnight and moving clockwise, each minute of solar data is represented by a line, creating a complete circle by the end of the day. Any blank lines represent missing data where communication between the satellite and earth was lost or was incomplete. The length of the line towards the centre is determined by the speed of the solar wind, creating variations and fluctuations to the finished artwork that are unique to that day.


Your bespoke print will include typographical information detailing the date and time of your SOLARGRAPHIC, the minimum and maximum solar wind speed, as well as an indication of auroral activity (the likelihood of a northern lights display) on the day.


SOLARGRAPHIC prints offer a beautiful way to commemorate events such as births, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, new homes etc. A unique artwork gift for friends and family, or to mark you own special event in both time and space.

Helen is a Bristol based designer and artist, whose work explores her interest in data collection together with her fascination for transient natural phenomena and the unique sets of conditions that come together in nature to trigger events to happen, such as the northern lights.


She was the Communicating Science resident at the Pervasive Media Studio in 2013 sponsored by the Institute of Physics Publishing, where she created her solar-wind chime, a sonic sculpture that turned data from the sun's energy into an audible and visual experience.


Helen has continued to explore ways of visualising this data to give a lasting record of a beautiful phenomena that is constantly changing and evolving as we go about our daily lives, with a desire to reconnect us with the world above us.




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